PiPo Max M9 10.1"

PiPo Max M9 10.1"

Awesome Stereo Speakers - Awesome Build Quality!

Ready2G0 Included

Every tablet sold by TNT includes our industry leading "Ready2GO" service. This means each one goes through a thorough quality check. Furthermore, we prep each device with highly improved, custom firmware and software which means excellent Play Store access and improved performance. All tablets are shipped BY US from either the US or Canada (for US and Canadian orders) or from the UK (for UK and EU orders).


The PiPo Max M9 is the first available tablet featuring Rockchip's all-new RK3188 Quad-Core Cortex-A9 processor. Paired with an astonishing 2 Gb of ram (double what most high-end tablets feature) this tablet is the quickest we have ever sold. With a lovely 1280x800 IPS Screen in a thin and well-designed package and the loudest dual-stereo speakers of any unit we have ever sold... this is one of the finest tablets China currently has to offer. The new Pipo Max M9 is the latest and greatest release from Pipo.

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  • Rockchip RK3188 Quad-Core Cortex-A9 @ 1.6 Ghz


  • 2 Gb

MicroSD Slot: 

  • Yes


  • Yes


  • G/N


  • Front 2.0 MP
  • Rear 5.0 MP

Battery Size: 

  • 7800 mAh

Screen Size: 

  • 10.1"

Screen Type: 

  • IPS


  • 1280x800


  • 149 ppi


  • Mini HDMI