PiPo Max M8 Pro 9.4"

PiPo Max M8 Pro 9.4"

Rockchip RK3188 Quad-Core Processor - Excellent Design and Quality!

Ready2G0 Included

Every tablet sold by TNT includes our industry leading "Ready2GO" service. This means each one goes through a thorough quality check. Furthermore, we prep each device with highly improved, custom firmware and software which means excellent Play Store access and improved performance. All tablets are shipped BY US from either the US or Canada (for US and Canadian orders) or from the UK (for UK and EU orders).


The PiPo Max M8 Pro represents the "pinnacle" of current Chinese hardware and the best of what PiPo now has to offer.

It is the only unit we sell that features a flawless LG IPS screen. At 9.4" with a 1280x800 resolution, this screen offers 160 ppi which means decently sharp text and HD images while still serving up excellent performance. Compare this with 131 ppi on the iPad 2 and PiPo Max M1 devices and you will realize the M8 Pro has a fairly incredible panel. LG is THE go-to company for high-end displays, offering extraordinarily bright panels that produce vivid colors and excellent viewing angles. (We are now offering the FNF iFive X2 if you are looking for a "retina" quality display in this size range --Roman)

The M8 Pro also features the current "king" of China chips, the 1.6 Ghz Rockchip RK3188 Quad-Core processor. This RK3188 uses four Cortex A9 cores which offer up to 160% MORE performance (not to mention greater stability due to better quality control) vs. the currently popular Allwinner A31 which uses significantly less powerful Cortex A7 cores at only 1.0 - 1.2 Ghz. Furthermore, because, the A31 is built on an outdated 40nm process and the RK3188 uses a cutting edge 28nm process, the chip runs cooler and is significantly more power efficient which works out to mean significantly better real-world battery life. Finally, PiPo stuffed the M8 Pro with 2 Gb of DDR3 memory which is twice as much as what most leading tablets currently offer.

Let's keep talking though... PiPo pulled out ALL the stops on design and build quality with this unit. As are result, all of that power is harnessed in a sleek, sexy, razor-thin 9.4mm black aluminum chassis that is sure to turn heads.
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  • Rockchip RK3188 Quad-Core Cortex-A9 @ 1.6 Ghz


  • 2 Gb

MicroSD Slot: 

  • Yes


  • Yes


  • G/N

Screen Size: 

  • 9.4"

Screen Type: 

  • IPS


  • 1280x800


  • 160 ppi


  • Mini HDMI