Rant about the Five Technology FNF Brand and the Mini3 (Positive Rant...)

Rant about the Five Technology FNF Brand and the Mini3 (Positive Rant...)

I was doing some reading recently on another blog and noted that they were really hammering the Mini3 for the fact that it only has 1 Gb of ram. FNF explained that the choice was made so that they could create a thinner tablet. Having used, (and loved!) the Mini3, and also used (and not loved...) the Chuwi V88, and the PiPo U8, I can say that they made the right choice. Anyhow, they kind of ran the unit down the road, and the FNF brand, for making such a decision... and the author/commentators on the article also held up some of the other aforementioned iPad Mini clones as the better choice due to a lower price and more ram. So... I commented :)... and it went a few paragraphs... not to let my hard work go to waste, I decided to turn my comment into a delightful TNT blog post for you fine people!

Without further ado', my response:

Couple of thoughts – first, I really like the blog! Short but well written and informative posts! Excellent :). I am adding it to a news source for me. Things change so quickly in mobile tech it can be hard to keep up!
2nd. – I have tested the PiPo U8, the Chuwi V88, and the Mini3. I would only personally buy the Mini3. – The PiPo U8 feels fat by comparison, the one that came for review had a bad touch panel (ghost touches), and the screen is DIM by comparison to the one used on the Mini3 which is darn near perfect. 3rd – I never experienced any performance or lag issues the entire time I used the device (nearly 1 month of use I think?). That included heavy gaming (N.O.V.A. 3), three email accounts syncing, internet browsing, pdf reading, ebook reading, magazine reading. etc… It got used pretty heavily and nary a slowdown. 3. The build quality was perfect – No other china tab I have ever tested prior or since even comes close. I have used an iPad Mini at length, it doesn’t even feel or look as nice. Finally, my charger did stop working after a month, but it is a USB charger so at least they are cheap to replace :). Anyhow, I wouldn’t be so down on the unit. Having dealt with pretty much every major brand of China tablet I can reasonably say that FNF is a step above the rest. PiPo comes up behind them but they go through bad bouts of bad quality control. Ployer comes in close to PiPo however they have less QC issues.

The FNF iFive X2 and the Mini3 were easily the two best units I had ever reviewed out of China and still are. It comes across in their workmanship and design that they are actually trying to set themselves apart from every other Chinese mfr.

You can talk specs all day and say that 1 Gb of ram is a killer. I agree in the sense that it is going to really hurt sales as it makes it hard for the shopper to see the value of the unit when all of the other clones are touting 2 Gb. But the difference is that you are A.) WAY MORE LIKELY to get a good working unit B.) Going to be significantly happier with the Aesthetics and C.) WAY MORE LIKELY to still have a working unit a few months from now. Trust me I know, I bought a Chuwi V88 shortly after they were released for myself personally and now the unit freezes all the time (reflashed several different firmwares… something is hardware defective…)… We have also gone through replacements of V88's for customers. We send them Mini3's and they are much happier with the device, even though the ram is spec’d lower.

It is the same reason many thinking people buy Apple products (by “thinking” I mean the folks that actually are aware of other electronic brands and still choose Apple because they have good reason to). Because generally speaking the are more likely to get a product that is going to last them for years and work well. I don’t like Apple, but that is how they have established themselves as a brand. If FNF is trying to do the same, I am behind them 100% as Android, and particularly the Chinese Tablet scene, is in desperate need of a company with that kind of focus.

My 2-cents ;)


FNF is the first Chinese brand tablet I can honestly say I am happy with and have no reservations or "buts" to go with that. They represent a core philosophy and business that is similar to Top Notch Tablets, primarily, the idea that QUALITY, and FORM, do not need to take a back seat to FUNCTION and COST. As an owner at Top Notch Tablets, I firmly believe that there can be an alternative Tablet, made in China or elsewhere in Asia, that can match or excel the major brands here in the USA, like Apple and Samsung in Quality, Form, and function, and furthermore, that can undercut them in COST.

Cheers to FNF! I can't wait to see what they bring us for 2014!



KitKat and stuff.

Hey Roman, First off I wanted to say that you are the one reviewer who inspired me to get a Mini3 tablet, and I must agree - the 1GB of RAM is plenty enough for this tablet. It works absolutely great with a TNT rom flashed onto it. But I was just wondering if you were gonna release a new TNT Rom for Mini3 based on the official 2.0.1 release sporting the KitKat version of Android? I heard great things about it, but sadly there currently are no stable enough roms for Mini3 owners like myself to use. And since the TNT rom based on the 1.29 official is pretty great, I thought maybe you could release an update?

FNF - Quality Tablets

When I first came across this brand, sometime ago now, the usual sellers weren't offering FNF as an option for anywhere outside of China. I knew simply from the specs that these would be the "Apple of China's Eye". They use a custom bonded process for the tablet casings - what is this you ask - well its a process of bonding metal at different layers inside fibreglass and produces an exceptionally strong, light and durable case. All round an excellent manufacturer and worth that extra cost for the peace of mind.


@ PaulB2905 I remember initially seeing FNF branded stuff and being turned off by the higher prices (relative to other china tabs) but interested by the marketing they put out because I had never seen a Chinese brand talk about their actual physical device design. Having owned a couple of FNF units now I totally agree. The extra cost is well worth it as the build quality, by and large, if vastly superior to other brands. The fact that a Chinese company is approaching device manufacturing with this mentality is refreshing to say the least and at this point TNT is pretty happy to carry most of what FNF makes. Something I can't really say about any of the other brands we have dealt and do deal with.