First, I absolutely love this phone. I have been using it for several weeks as pretty much just a tablet and finally got my company to help me get it activated with AT&T this past week.

Octa-Core Processors, 2+ Ghz speeds, DDR4 memory, 74 GPU cores.... These are the kinds of "specs" that tend to steal the spotlight. And in many ways they have rightly done so for a long while. Anything less than a Dual-Core Cortex-A9 chip running at around 1.2 - 1.4 Ghz tends to create bottlenecks. But we passed that mark in the "low cost" chipset arena a year or so ago. So...

RK3288 Early Benchmark Speculation

The RK3288 is a rather exciting product. When Rockchip released the RK3066 this was perhaps the first time a Chinese chip really not just caught up to last generation mainstream chips from big silicon designers like Samsung, but actually surpassed mainstream powerhouse chips like the then Tegra 3.

Teclast P90 intel inside

In the past, the equation went something like this:

China Tab + Intel Processor = Overpriced Trash Running Non-Optimized for Touch Windows 7 and Dual-Booting Unsupported Android

But times have changed and there a several contributing factors that have brought us here...

I was doing some reading recently on another blog and noted that they were really hammering the Mini3 for the fact that it only has 1 Gb of ram. FNF explained that the choice was made so that they could create a thinner tablet. Having used, (and loved!) the Mini3, and also used (and not loved...) the Chuwi V88, and the PiPo U8, I can say that they made the right choice. Anyhow, they kind of ran the unit down the road, and the FNF brand, for making such a decision...