So recently TNT has been entertaining a couple of novel (for us at least) devices... First we have the Ainol Novo 10 Hero II. Why is this one novel? Well for one, it is based on the sub-par Actions ATM7029 processor, however the design and build look very good and the speakers are excellent. Second, we have the KNC MD1006... What makes this so special? While we deal in off-brand, KNC is off-off-brand... i.e. really off-brand for us as it isn't a PiPo, Ployer, FNF, or an Onda, etc... as a result the price is quite low for what the specs are.

I recently had this question posed to me by an individual who was getting a Top Notch Tablets rom from the site and they noted it was "rooted".

I have seen a lot of posts about "rooting" (aka "jail breaking" in the Apple world...) and "root" access and "super user" that were highly erroneous. People tend to think that rooting is some mystical/magical thing on a device when it is nothing of the sort, but rather a regular function that is part of the Linux underpinnings of android.

So I have had the M6 sitting here in my office for some time now trying to think through how to write this review well. Understand that it came to me right around the same time as the two FNF devices did and I think it is fair to say that the Mini3 stole the show.

The Apple iPad 3rd and 4th generation have a 9.7" 4:3 Panel with a (ludicrous...) display resolution of 2048x1536. This equates to a PPI (pixels-per-inch) rating of about 264. The term that Apple has coined for this magic number is "retina". In short, the idea is that if the screen is at such a distance from your face (2 ft ?) the human eye cannot see the individual pixels because there are so many of them crammed into such a small space that they end up being minuscule and all just blend together to make an excellent image.

When I did a review of the Chuwi V88 several months ago, I thought it would be a long time before I found a tablet that would begin to compare. The V88 was extremely lightweight and thin, packed a hell of a punch with an RK3188 processor and had a 7.9" 4:3 panel that was just pure eye-candy. At that point, however, I had never been introduced to the FNF brand. All I have to say is holy cow... Apple and Samsung should be watching their backs!