Allwinner A31

There has been much buzz regarding the Allwinner A31 Cortex-A7 Quad-Core chip. It is the latest low-cost entrant into the Chinese Chip market by Allwinner (also known as Boxchip or Sochip) and it is particularly interesting due to its PowerVR SGX544 MP2 GPU which boasts very good graphics performance. The low-power and also low-clocked A7 cores should provide good battery life as they should sip power relative to their higher-performance Cortex-A9 based brethren like the RK3066, RK3188, and Samsung Exynos 4412.

Retina Display

I recently was sent an email asking me this question and I wrote a fairly detailed response. Here was the exchange, for those of you who are shopping and are wondering if now is the right time to go "Retina" if purchasing a China tab. Hope this is helpful!

"Do you see a Retina tab fitting into your plans for the US Market? The Momo (referencing the Ployer Momo 12) looks promising, but I worry that the standard will be Retina soon."


Nook Simple Touch - Customer Service is NOT Dead!

I bought my wife a "nook" touch e-reader a little over a year ago. We had some problems from pretty much day one. The unit liked to freeze on occasion, and in the last 4 months the battery life had dropped to about an hour on a full charge. Anyone that understands anything about E-ink display e-readers knows that battery life should be closer to 20 days, not 20 minutes. So it had issues. The reason I had purchased Nook over a Kindle was for the very reason of quality. Argue all you want, but Barnes & Noble makes better quality e-readers and tablets than Amazon.

Star Wars Demotivational Poster: Hindsight

Happy Friday everyone! In a long and honored tradition that I am starting.... today... We are going to start having a fun (but still techy/nerdy/geeky enough) post every Friday to celebrate surviving one more week! I have a feeling that demotivational posters may make several appearances as I often find them to be quite hilarious. Anyhow, without further ado, enjoy a good laugh and a wonderful end to the week!