PiPo Max M8 Pro Review

For anyone that has read a few of my articles, you might find a recurring theme... The desire for "WELL-BALANCED" tablets with excellent build-quality.

What does that mean exactly? It means that I am always on the lookout for a tablet that isn't just spectacular in one or two areas (especially at the expense of other areas...) but rather a tablet that "AS A WHOLE" is a spectacular unit... with few or NO "gotchas". Very very rarely does such a unit come along, especially out of China....

Cube U30GT 2 Quad-Core Ultra HD China Tab

Today I am happy to announce that Top Notch Tablets will start carrying our first ever tablet with a resolution higher than 1280x800... and significantly higher at that. So that should tip you off that overall this is a favorable review :). But this unit, due to the high-resolution and the performance impact on some applications and gaming in particualr, might not be for everyone. So lets jump right in!

Apple iPhone 4s

I am a hardcore Android user. I have been using Android since Eclair (and even had Cupcake running on an old unit at one point). I am also a Windows guy (I am an MS Admin) through and through and I do all my Android development work in Linux, pretty much from start to finish. Years and years and years of this. I have never really spent much time on any Apple product and personally have never owned one. I have played with plenty of them and always walked away impressed by the physical design and eye-candy smooth interface.

Teclast P88 HD RK3066 Dual-Core 8" Tablet

This is going to be a quick run-down on the Teclast P88 HD which is possibly the best 8" Android tablet money can currently buy. I spent several days with the P88 and I want to touch on the major highlights of my time with it. You might be interested to know that at the same time I was testing the P88 HD I also had in my hands the new Quantum Meson 9.7" tablet, the very new PiPo M9 RK3188 Quad-Core tablet, and the Freelander PD80 Vogue Samsung Quad tablet. And my favorite unit to use out of all of those? That's right, the Teclast P88 HD with the RK3066 Dual-Core processor won me over.

PiPo Max M9 - Top Notch Tablets

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Having spent about 5 solid days with the PiPo M9 I feel like I am ready to share my initial thoughts about the China Tab Market's first Quad-Core Rockchip RK3188 device. Let me just state up front that my final impressions are highly favorable however I have some concerns regarding the unit as things stand. So without further ado', let's jump right in!